Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where I'm at

This is something else we are shamelessly stealing from Sarah.... hope that's ok!!!

How far along?: 15 weeks plus 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: none of your beeswax! not quite ready to share yet.
Maternity clothes?: heck yeah. mostly on the bottom half as any tightness on my tummy does not feel good.
Sleep: eh. not happy about not being allowed to sleep on my back, and the middle of the night pee breaks aren't helping either.
Movement: nothing yet. it could happen around week 16 but they say with your first it usually takes a few more weeks.
Food cravings: nope.
Gender: the debate is still going on about whether to find out or now. I thought we might accidentally find out when we got our test results on wednesday but apparently they no longer routinely check gender with the CVS. damn!
What I miss: last night I was jealous of everyone else having a drink at dinner - a nice glass of wine would be great.
What I am looking forward to: I've not been the biggest fan of being pregnant so far, so it will be great when we have a cute little bundle and I can claim my body back (mostly).
Best moment this week: that phone call on wednesday when we found out baby was okay...
Weekly Wisdom: i got nothin'.
Milestones: the baby is movin' and shakin' inside my tummy, I just can't feel it yet!

25 weeks to go!

- Chris


Hi everyone,

In the footsteps of Sarah, we've decided to start a blog so that everyone can stay in the loop as to what is happening over the pond.

This will also help me so I don't have to write 5 different emails about how I'm feeling, what I'm craving, how much weight I'm gaining, etc etc. (:

Either Jason or I will make postings... so be prepared.

lots of love
Chris & Jason