Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm back.... if anyone decides to read.....

Hi everyone,

I am back after a 4 month break from the blog. A few things have happened:

1) We moved back to the US so part of the reason for having a blog (so far-away family and friends can keep up to date on Owen) disappeared,

2) I've gone back to work so am thoroughly overwhelmed with life, and

3) My wonderful, loving, generous, caring and selfless mom got sicker and sicker and died in August, which I couldn't even begin to think about how to address on my blog. In way it feels wrong to blog about my mom, but it feels wrong not to blog about her as well. It feels wrong not to think about her every minute of the day - which I generally do - but it is overwhelmingly suffocating also.

I thought I'd at least share a few recent photos of Owen during the weekend my Dad visited us in Cincinnati. We took Dad to a pumpkin patch when he came to visit, and last weekend we all went to a Halloween party... Owen was the cutest monkey there every was.

I'll write again, maybe.... xo