Thursday, July 14, 2011

My beautiful little boy is 19 months old today!

Happy 19 month birthday, Owen! Time is flying by with you this year, little man!

Owen is doing great. His vocabulary has exploded in the past few weeks - all of a sudden he started repeating so much of what we say and I'm not sure I can even count the number of words he says every day. Last night we spent an extra 5 minutes during reading time before bed pointing out Owen's nose, Mommy's nose, Elmo's nose, Ernie's nose, etc. So cute!

Owen also loved Grandpa's visit from New Jersey. He called him Papa the whole week he was here - it was the first time I've heard him call someone else their name consistently, besides 'Mama' and 'Dada'. So fun! We even went to the zoo - photos of that fun day are on my other computer... will post later.

Owen is doing well in his new room at daycare. It's tough getting used to a new classroom, new teachers and new kids... but he is doing awesome with naptime and sleeping for 2 hours every day in his cot with the other kids. He loves the new freedom he has, and usually comes home a complete disaster of marker, sand, dirt, play-doh (really? they are giving my 19 month old play-doh? of course he ate some of it), sweat, sunscreen, and whatever else he managed to get his cute little hands on. He also loves water days when they let the kids play with buckets of water and hoses. We've done it at home a few times, and Owen is perfectly happy playing in a bucket of water for ages. Clearly he ends up soaking wet.

Speaking of soaking wet - Owen is LOVING the pool. He's getting braver at the pool and loves going down the little kids' slide. He ends up unintentionally dunking himself multiple times per trip, but we're guessing it's good for him to get used to that. Makes me so nervous though - can't look away for a second when he's in the water. We love the weekends when we get to do fun things like this with O.

To hold you over until next time (I guess monthly posts are now my goal!), here are some of the adorable 18 month photos we got when the photographer came to our house. There are so many cute ones... here are just a few. Enjoy!