Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Monday off!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off - in the US and the UK. Owen and I have loved having Dad around this long weekend. Owen is 24 weeks today - almost 6 months old!!!
We've had our first vegetable this weekend - homemade-by-mom carrots! Owen is doing really well and seems to actually be eating the food we give him. This photo doesn't show his love of carrots but it's funny anyway. A lot of it comes right back out of his cute little mouth but his orange-tinted spit up prove he is swallowing some. We are on day #2 of carrots... we'll start apples on Wednesday. We also went to one of the markets near London Business School, Camden Market, and picked up a few great London themed wall hangings and photos. Then we had lunch at the Windsor Castle pub and swung by school where we got some photos of our little man.
Finally... today Owen rolled over from his back to front. He's been sooooo close for ages, spending half his time with his bottom half rolled over and his top half almost there (darn arm gets in the way). He did it with Dad on our bed. Go Owen!
That's all for now! x

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First food, a wedding, and lots of laughs!!

Hi everyone! It was a gorgeous weekend in London. We had lots of adventures - a friend's wedding yesterday and our first solids today!

Our family went to a wedding yesterday about an hour outside of the city - Owen was a big hit! He wore his bow tie and everyone was super impressed with his cuteness and how well behaved he was. He slept through the whole ceremony and didn't have one meltdown. It was chaos on the train though - 2 stops before we got back to Clapham the train filled with drunken rugby fans. Owen had a little meltdown then fell asleep amongst the chaos. Today we tried baby rice - Owen did great. A few funny faces but he was pretty receptive to the whole process. I tried it - not super tasty - but I guess he doesn't have much to compare it to! I'll give it to him all week then maybe next week we'll have some carrots or apples.
Another first today - giant, huge, hysterical laughter. I mean, he's been giggling and laughing for months now... but this was insane. He was laughing so hard he'd sort of start crying. Jason and I were cracking up! The best part is I got it on video. Watch the whole thing for full effect. (:

That's all for now. Have a great week everyone! Happy Anniversary to Sarah and Kenny and Happy Birthday to Jim!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who loves to stand?

Owen does! This is one of his newer tricks. I have a great video of this moment but can't figure out how to rotate it. If I do, I'll post it for all to enjoy. (: Hope everyone had a great weekend! x

Friday, May 14, 2010

5 months old today!

Oh my god, the months are flying by! I cannot believe Owen was born 5 months ago. He is such a big guy these days - weighed in at 17 pounds, 6 ounces on Tuesday at his check. He is developing just perfectly, said the health visitor (the people who run the baby clinics). He is staying happily in around the 70th percentile of little baby boys.

Owen got his first bottle of half-formula-half-breast-milk today. I'm going to start a very slow process of weaning him to make it the least traumatic for mom and baby. He was totally fine with me giving him the bottle and was even holding it himself! What a cutie. This afternoon we did baby salsa, which thoroughly entertains Owen. Seeing his mommy try to dance salsa is funny anyway - add a 17 pounder strapped to her chest and it's freakin' hysterical.

Unfortunately, teething is causing a bit of chaos for us these days. Owen doesn't understand why his mouth hurts and he's been super cranky this week. I am predicting one of his bottom teeth come in first as I feel like I can see one just under the surface. Of course, it's pretty hard to get the baby to open wide so you can check out his gums!

Stay tuned for some cute photos of our little guy. He is such a great stander these days - he'll be running around before we know it.

Happy Friday! xo

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Our gigglin' 20 week old

Just a quick hi, and a video from last week. The first few seconds are dodgy (will he laugh or will he cry?) but it's well worth watching through to see the little man giggling at dad. Owen was 20 weeks old on Monday... I can't believe how time is flying.

Off to buggy fitness today (a trainer chases a bunch of moms and strollers around the park) then baby signing. We are very busy and important people!

Hope everyone is well! x