Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas story #1

Owen had a great Christmas in New Jersey! It lasted a little longer than we had originally planned due to the Armagedon-type snow storm (2 feet!), but he loved seeing his Grandpa, Aunt Gwen, Uncle Jim, Cousin Matthew and other NJ family!

Owen and his cousin Matthew made what was a really painful time for my family so much more bearable. We all missed my Mom so much - her absence was overwhelming and completely unreal, even 4 more months later. I kept expecting her to pop around the corner on Christmas Eve and clean up some dishes or say something to me or Gwen or dance to her favorite Christmas songs (which I can't bear to listen to) or pour herself some wine. Count your blessings today, everyone, because things can change so fast. One year ago we were celebrating the birth of Owen with my parents in London. Mom was pulling night shifts for me so I could get some sleep. She would make me food, clean my kitchen floor, do the laundry, tell me stories of when I was a baby, and generally take care of me and the baby while Jason was at work. It was an amazing and blessed time. I had no idea it would be the last happy and care-free time I had with my mother. I am so lucky I had that time with her - that was my blessing.

In New Jersey, Owen was happy and sweet and impressed everyone by walking a few steps and 'mooing' when asked what a cow says. Owen loves the cat. Whenever he saw Simba he said "Ca-Ca", which I was pretty impressed by (my child is clearly a genius). He loves opening up presents, one little piece at a time, and then playing with the paper. Or, getting paper poured all over him:

Owen also still loves Mickey Mouse! He got several for Christmas... below is Owen staring down the dancing Mickey he got from Grandpa. It's insane! We will definitely take pics of him and all his Mickeys later.

And because I'm mean (festive?), I dressed my adorable little guy up in a Santa costume on Christmas day. He was beyond cute.
So many more cute pictures... I'll post more later.

Also, we have Christmas #2 this afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa in Ohio, and then tomorrow is Christmas morning! Yes, it's also December 31... a few days late. We probably won't get away with that in the future but Owen hasn't complained yet!

More updates and photos later. xo

Friday, December 17, 2010

Owenfest 2010

We had a great Owen weekend!

Friday, we had our NJ family arrive. Grandpa was here already, but we got to welcome Aunt Gwen (also Godmother), Great Aunt Carol and Great Uncle Jeff. I took a half day from work so got to spend the afternoon hanging out with the family and preparing the house for the weekend festivities.

Saturday was Owen's birthday party! He was a bit overwhelmed but had a great time. He particularly liked opening presents. I was sure he'd only try to open 1 or 2 and then get bored, but he powered through his whole big stack. Mostly tearing off little pieces of wrapping paper and trying to eat them, but still, a great time. He loves all his gifts! He got a ride-in little red car - the one we all had when we were kids - from Grandma and Grandpa V, some great Elmo and Mickey Mouse DVDs, lots of clothing, a fun sled that he immediately loved, a great fischer price milk truck (a favorite!), a fun puzzle letter mat to play on (and chew on) and lots, lots more. Owen loved it when we sang to him, except when I tried to put his party hat on. Not a fan of the party hat. Also, he wasn't the biggest fan of his cake (an adorable Mickey Mouse cake made by Grandma!), but he played along and we got the fun pics of him smearing cake on his face. Thanks to everyone who came, brought food, and helped celebrate!

The fun didn't stop there - Sunday was his baptism. Owen was so great during the ceremony and smiled so nice for us. He only cried a little bit when the priest put the water on his forehead for the 3rd time. Do you blame him? He thoroughly enjoyed the after party back at our house, and again loved opening some more presents.

Tuesday was Owen's actual birthday! We had some big plans to go to the acquarium for the first time, but he wasn't feeling great so we just hung out at home. I took off this big day to hang out with the family. Owen had a pancake for breakfast and some mac 'n cheese for dinner. I tried to give him a cupcake I made - but he wanted no part of the cupcake nor the icing. Where is his sweet tooth? He is destined to have one given who his parents are!

We have been so blessed with Owen over the past 12 months! He has been our shining light and a reason to hope and laugh and believe during the most difficult time of my life. I am treasuring every moment with him! Thanks to everyone who has been so great to us - Owen loves you!


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Santa hat cuteness and a big birthday and christening weekend for Owen!

I cannot believe our little boy will be one year old in less than a week! We have a huge Owen weekend planned. Saturday is his birthday party! Sunday is his christening! Go Owen!!! Grandpa is on his way to Ohio as I type! Owen can't wait to see him!

Here's a sneak preview of his one year photos, which were taken on Sunday by a great photographer who came to our house and got adorable photos of Owen

I'll try to post some more this week and of course will post tons of the great fun we'll have this weekend.

Owen gets cuter and more fun every day. I know he drives his dad a bit crazy at home sometimes as he crawls faster and faster and demands attention. His favorites these days are macaroni & cheese, cruising around the furniture and standing up in his crib (especially while we're trying to put him to sleep). Oh, and Mickey Mouse, which is the theme of his birthday party. His least favorite thing is daycare. ):

Being a working mom is hard! I really want to be home with Owen and don't want to miss anything. Luckily, I really like my job and the team I work on, or else it would be a lot harder. I wish I could clone myself so I could work and also be a stay at home mom.

Have a good week everyone! xo