Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 day weekends = gooooood.

Hello! I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and all was ok. I got to hear baby's heartbeat, always nice to get definitive proof it's still in there (besides exploding belly! see new bump pic on the right!)

Yesterday we made huge progress in baby-stuff-buying. Well, considering we hadn't really bought anything, progress is relative. We got up super early (for me, for a Saturday) and headed up to Oxford Street to John Lewis, one of the big British department stores with a good baby section. We finally have a place for the little peanut to sleep. We bought a Moses basket, very cute. I was envious of all the beautiful cribs... but that's for later, I suppose. We got a bunch of feeding stuff, bathing stuff, clothes and lots more. Only a start as we still have tons left, but I feel much better now. We also spent a lot of time with one of the sales people and looked at prams (strollers for you Americans) - I think we are pretty close to choosing one.

Today we are both beat so just hanging out at home. We were supposed to go to Cambridge but yesterday's exciting day plus the gloomy looking sky gave us a good enough excuse to postpone to another time. Not next weekend though - we are off to Mallorca (a Spanish island) for a week starting on Thursday! Speaking of island... I had to find a bathing suit. Finally bought one yesterday. Think of how painful bathing suit shopping is anyway. Now imagine it when you are 6 months pregnant. Ugh.

How far along?: 24 weeks plus 3 days
Total weight gain: Let's just say I've still got hope that I'll stay within the 25-35 pound recommended weight gain.
Pregnancy symptoms: New category that I should have had to begin with. Back pain - yesterday's excitement ended in my back aching like crazy... not sure what's going on with that. Feel better now but was still achy when I got up this morning.
Sleep: Pretty good.
Movement: Jason finally felt the baby! Friday night baby kicked me twice pretty hard so I had Jason zoom over and low and behold, baby did it twice more for Dad. Was really great.
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: Sometimes I get insanely thirsty and have to down something cold and sweet - a sports drink called Lucozade has been my favorite.
Gender: Husband think it's going to be a girl (not the terrifying part) who will worry him for the next 20 years (definitely the terrifying part). I am on the girls name section of the baby name book, so who knows. We are going to have our first name conversation in Spain next week!
What I miss: Again, my old legs. My dad used to say that I'd never be a panty-hose model - due to all the scars I had on my legs from being a rowdy kid - but now it's particularly true. Pregnancy has not been nice to my legs at all. ): The doctor even kind of cringed when I showed her on Friday. She was like, "already?" Hoping they go back to 'normal' after baby comes.
Best moment this week: Definitely baby kicking for Dad!
Weekly Wisdom: Walking all day = bad for legs. Legs elevated = good.
Milestones: If baby was born today, it could possibly survive with lots of extra care. But let's stick around in there for another 3+ months, baby!


Random comments from dad-to-be:
(1) One thing Chris has failed to mention is how hot she gets these days. Totally random, and definitely entertaining for me considering how cold she always was before pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for her and am totally sympathetic, but I'm definitely hoping this new temperature thing lasts after the baby arrives. Would love to avoid a temperature war like some people we know!
(2) Baby kicking was simply awesome. Nuff said.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Hello! I've been quiet this week, very busy at work with projects and upcoming launches. Baby isn't really a big fan of me working longer hours....

Mostly I'm feeling really good, still just tired, and also a bit hot these days due to the lack of air conditioning in this country. I'm getting a bit more awkward sized and have a slightly difficult time getting off the couch. Oh, and my back has started to be a bit achy. Other than all of that, everything is great! (:

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday with my GP (general practitioner). I'm on what they called 'shared care' over here, which means I alternate seeing the midwives with seeing my GP. The GP I saw before left the practice so I'm seeing a new one on Friday. The one thing I don't like about the maternity system here so far is there isn't 1 doctor or 1 midwife who really knows me well as I am often seeing new people, as opposed to the US system where you see your own doctor regularly who knows you well and who will deliver your baby. My next appointment with the midwife my key question is - who will deliver my baby??? Imporant thing to know, I think.

Anyway, here's our weekly update:

How far along?: 23 weeks plus 3 days
Total weight gain: MYOB
Sleep: Fine, although turning over is getting to be more cumbersome due to growing belly.
Movement: Still wigglin' along. Next challenge is trying to get Dad to feel baby... yesterday at least 5 different times during the day I made Jason run over and put his hand on my belly... but the little one is not yet cooperating. I feel it move every day, but I don't always feel it from the outside.
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: I'm changing the title of this section, mostly due to the cookie-dough flavored milk from last week. So hubby just reminded me the weird thing I did this week was to put chocolate chips in my cinnamon-flavored oatmeal. Gives it a nice kick! Ew, also ate McDonalds last night... so gross.
Gender: Who knows! Jason has finished with the baby book and has his name list all ready, so as soon as I get mine together we will start having the name conversation. Fun!
What I miss: My waist and my old legs which were thinner and had more muscle.
What I am looking forward to: Name conversations! And, our trip to a nice Spanish island in less than 2 weeks. Last big trip pre-baby! What I am NOT looking forward to is going bathing suit shopping today for said trip...
Best moment this week: Baby moving around while I'm trying to concentrate at work, completely distracting me from what I'm trying to do!
Weekly Wisdom: Baby does not always follow directions (i.e. 'kick for dad!'). Precursor of things to come?
Milestones: Only 4 more weeks of the 2nd trimester!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ahhhhh weekend.

After the excitement of having Grandma and Grandpa K here, a busy work week for both of us, and the stress and excitement of our ultrasound, it's been so nice having a really slow and relaxing weekend watching movies, sleeping and hanging out.

Here's our update:

How far along?: 22 weeks plus 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: A lot!!! More than 10, less than 20. That's what I'm sticking to for now.
Sleep: Ok except for the sometimes multiple bathroom trips.
Movement: Baby is movin' and shakin'. Our ultrasound took 30 minutes + last week because baby wouldn't stay still long enough for her to take all the measurements she needed. I feel lots of movement, but they aren't proper kicks as baby's feet are up above my belly button and I feel all the movement further down... so it's more likely punches or wigglin'.
Food cravings: I bought cookie-dough flavored milk yesterday, which turns out to be not so tasty.
Gender: We will remain in camp yellow as we didn't find out the gender during our scan like we could have! No intuition either way as to what it is.
What I miss: Having a drink with friends. Friday night we were out at my coworker's birthday celebration and by the time everyone is on their third plus drink it becomes a bit less fun to hang out! (:
What I am looking forward to: Getting baby stuff sorted over the next few months.... like where baby will sleep, how we will transport baby, etc. Also, starting to have the baby name conversations.
Best moment this week: Seeing little peanut during our scan!
Weekly Wisdom: I need serious amounts of sleep.
Milestones: As of the scan, baby was 1 pound 2 ounces. Little peanut looks like a proper proportional baby now - just with some saggy skin as baby needs to spend the next 17 weeks getting fatter.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

22 week scan!

Today was a good day - we had our 22 week scan and everything is looking great! Check out our cutie new scan photos!

The baby is within the normal range for every measurement (head, belly, legs, heart) but on the higher end. Especially its femur length, which is right at the top of the range. Maybe we have a tall baby?

Baby weighs approximately 1 pound 2 ounces. Its head is down low and its feet are up way above my belly button... much higher than we thought it would be at this point!

The most difficult part was when the midwife told us to close our eyes because she was checking out baby's bits. It pretty much killed me when she was done and she said she knew if it is a boy or girl! I can't believe we managed to not cave in and find out the gender.

Barring any complications, that was last time we'll see baby until the birth! See you in 4 months little kiddo!

- Chris & Jason

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Good week!

Hello! We've had a busy week here with Grandma and Grandpa K visiting the UK and all of us heading to Germany together. It was so fun for me to practise my German skills... I think I did alright actually. "Ich bin schwanger" means "I'm pregnant" in German, in case you were wondering. I will post a picture of Jason and I in Munich where you can see the substantial development of my baby bump! I am definitely, definitely pregnant these days. (:

Some great developments with baby recently, so read on....

How far along?: 21 weeks plus 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: I have not weighed myself in a week, but looking at my bump growth, I'm assuming this number has grown quite a bit as well.
Maternity clothes?: Yes. This is the last week I am including this question as it is pure silliness!
Sleep: Not bad, although I had to live without my special pillow in Germany the last few nights and I was not happy about it.
Movement: FINALLY. Earlier in the week I was sitting at work and felt a few very gentle pokes in my lower tummy. Every day since then i've either felt another of these cute little pokes, or funny rumbling feelings. Nothing like the whole butterfly or fluttering feeling crap they tell you to expect, but as it's a new and weird feeling, it has to be baby!
Food cravings: Nothing at this exact moment in time.
Gender: Camp Yellow.
What I miss: This week while in Munich, I was gutted not to be able to drink a giant liter beer with my hubby!! I did have a non-alcoholic one, which was actually pretty tasty, but still. Not the same. What I should say here is that I missed out on having a giant bratwurst in Germany, as you are not supposed to eat sausage in pregnancy, but I'd be lieing as I ate several sausages. And baby liked it.
What I am looking forward to: Our 22 week scan - this Thursday!! Can't wait to see the little bubba and make sure everything is going ok. Hopefully it will be less stressful than last time...
Best moment this week: Realizing the funny new feeling in my tummy was probably baby moving!
Weekly Wisdom: The baby is sucking my brain away. I forget a lot of things these days. My husband makes fun of me.
Milestones: Baby can probably hear us now, and she might be 10.5 inches long and weigh three quarters of a pound!


Saturday, August 01, 2009

MORE than halfway there!

Happy Saturday! We are having a really nice weekend hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa K. Went for a long walk around Clapham and found some great baby stuff stores, including one gem of a woman who educated me really well on buggies.... I am going to go back to her so she can help me figure out what the heck I need for this baby!

How far along?: 20 weeks plus 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: 14 pounds or so. At the high end of 'normal'! But I now have a bona-fide baby bump. Picture to be uploaded soon... stay tuned.
Maternity clothes?: This question is getting to be silly.
Sleep: Fine! Although middle-of-the-night pee breaks are back.
Movement: Now I'm just annoyed.
Food cravings: I am yearning for a giant Friendly's sundae. A Reeses peanut butter cup one. Mmmmm.
Gender: Equal opportunity.
What I miss: Nice glass of wine.
What I am looking forward to: Heading to Germany on Wednesday and testing my German speaking skills!
Best moment this week: Realizing I am more than half way to baby!! And fun baby gifts from Aunt Gwen and Grandma K! Hanging out with the soon-to-be grandparents.
Weekly Wisdom: Got none.
Milestones: Baby is the size of a large banana. A super cute one, presumably!