Monday, November 30, 2009

last Monday of work.

I did not need the torrential downpours, hurricane-like winds and bitter cold this morning. I am one tired, soggy, giant pregnant woman.

On the bright side, it's the last Monday I'll have to do this for 6+ months! 3 more days this week coming into Weybridge and 1 day going into London for meetings. Today is my last official day on the brand but my replacement has taken over most work already, so I am a dead man walking this week, tieing up loose ends and organizing my work life but not adding much more value. My goal is to leave things nice and orderly so that no one can blame me for mess-ups or say bad things about me when I'm gone.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quick update

How far along?: 37 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: Nope. I'm seriously not weighing myself any more.
Pregnancy symptoms: Exhausted, hard to move, etc.
Sleep: Not good at all.
Movement: Yes, baby is still moving. Lots of hiccups.
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: Nothing too weird. As soon as the baby is born I need to immediately cut down on some of the crap I consume these days. So no more Doritos, however, I am very much looking forward to eating smelly cheese and drinking some wine for Christmas. Mmmmm.
Gender/ names: It will soon be clear to all, now won't it?
What I miss: I think this is the third or fourth time in a row I've said this, but sleep. As in a whole night's sleep where I don't wake up every hour.
Best moment this week: Wednesday when baby was officially full term! Knowing that baby is allowed to come at any time. Preferably waiting until her due date.... but I would be okay with a few days on either side. Just a few.
Weekly Wisdom: Heavily pregnant women stick out in bars. Yesterday we were at a pub near our flat with Jason's Chicago friends, and I got quite a few funny looks when I walked across the bar to the bathroom. At 8.5 months pregnant, I don't blend in. I think that will be one of my last times at a bar as a preggo woman.
Milestones: Baby is now partially engaged. Her hair could be up to 3.5cm long - or she could have none at all!

Monday, November 23, 2009

36.5 week midwife appointment

Just a quick update as I had a midwife appointment this morning. Everything looks fine with baby! I am measuring exactly where I should be - 37 cm from top of the pubic bone to top of uterus. I'm supposed to be within 2 cms of the number of weeks I am, so perfect.

Baby is head down and starting to engage, which is exciting. Of course, when I asked how engaged baby is - they measure on a scale of 1 to 5 - the midwife said, "Oh, I don't know, I never guess because I'm always wrong." Hmmm.

I also probed the midwife on induction, and the picture she painted wasn't pretty. I see my GP in 2 weeks, then the midwives again on my due date. A week later - at 41 weeks - I see the midwives again and they do a 'sweep'. I'll spare you if you don't know what that is. Then they make an appointment for me to go into the hospital for a scan at 41 weeks + 3 days, during which they'll do another sweep and TALK about induction, which they generally schedule for 42 weeks. I think during that appointment I get to see a real live doctor.

It was at this point that I started protesting and pushing the midwife as to how much influence I have on how soon to get induced... I think in the end I can probably get them to induce me before 42 weeks, but I'm not sure how much before then.

HEY BABY - let's not get to the point where this an issue, ok?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Almost full term!

We hope everyone is having a good weekend! We are getting closer and closer to D day. At 37 weeks - in 3 days - I am considered full term. Crazy. I only have 2 more weeks of work to go - it's a weird feeling to be handing over my brands and becoming less and less important at work... luckily I will soon be very important to one little super cute bundle of joy.

We've been doing a bit of nesting this weekend. Lots of laundry, cleaning up the flat, organizing to make room for baby. Our flat feels much smaller than before with the piles of baby stuff we've been gathering. We are also 75% done getting our hospital bag together. It's more complicated than it sounds, actually.

Here's our update:

How far along?: 36 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: I am officially no longer answering this question, and no longer getting on the scale in the mornings. Pointless. And kind of sad.
Pregnancy symptoms: Very tired. Difficult to walk, get up off the couch, etc. I groan a lot when I move around. Ankles are huge. Fingers are stuffed sausages (my rings now live around my neck on a chain).
Sleep: I've abandoned my maternity pillow as I think it is now making me sleep worse, rather than better. I wake up a zillion times in the night. These days, Jason spends about half the night in our room then retreats to the 2nd bedroom because I am not a pleasant bedmate.
Movement: Baby is still in there and kickin'.
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: We pinpointed my food obsession for the pregnancy - Doritos. I disgust myself when I eat a half a bag in one sitting, and then smell like Cool Ranch for the next 12 hours. Ewwwww. That is the first nasty habit I need to cut when baby comes.
Gender/ names: Got a bit of a 'it's a boy' feeling this week, but we'll see.
What I miss: Sleeping well.
Best moment this week: So last week I mentioned Jason doing the first load of baby laundry... yesterday I swear he spent 12 hours doing laundry. Our baby has a LOT of crap!!! Especially 0-3 month onsies, towels, and blankets... no more, no more!!!! (:
Weekly Wisdom: When your upstairs neighbor is going to do 20+ hours of sanding and hammering the floor over 3 days, don't be home sick (Jason) or 36+ weeks pregnant.
Milestones: On Wednesday I will be considered full term!!! If baby comes at any time after that they will not try to stop the labor. Wow!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1 month to go!!

One month from today I am due to have a baby!!!!

In celebration of that fact, we thought everyone could let us know if they think we'll have a son or daughter, when the little bundle of joy will arrive, and how "little" the kiddo will actually be. Be nice!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tick tock

Time is going by so fast. In 1.5 weeks I will be considered full term (at 37 weeks) so if baby decides to make an appearance at any point after that we'll be early parents! It's hard to believe baby is due in 4.5 weeks. I have 3 more weeks of work, which is good because it keeps me busy during the week and doesn't let me sit around and think about baby alllll day. I am looking forward to the 12/13 days after I am done with work before baby is due to arrive... I plan on sleeping as much as humanly possible, and making sure all the last minute things are in place.

How far along?: 35 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: 30 lbs. They say (but who is "they"?) that around now you generally reach your weight gain peak, so hopefully I don't have much more to gain! We saw a bunch of friends today and everyone said I looked great and like I hadn't gained much weight, so there is that. Maybe they were just being nice.
Pregnancy symptoms: Tired and uncomfortable.
Sleep: Not good.
Movement: Still lots of wiggling and shifting around in there. Dad's gotten to feel it a bunch recently which is lots of fun!
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: Actually eating less than I was in earlier parts of the pregnancy, probably due to baby squashing my stomach up into my ribs.
Gender/ names: Still no clue whether it's a little boy or little girl.
What I miss: Sitting comfortably. Sleeping comfortably.
Best moment this week: Watching Jason do our first loads of baby laundry (happening as I type this).
Weekly Wisdom: I've got nothing.
Milestones: Baby weighs over 5 pounds!

Have a good week everyone!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swine flu.

This morning I finally got the swine flu vaccine! My GP had a walk-in clinic for pregnant women and people with underlying health issues like asthma. I had to wait forever but I'm glad I went today as they only have 500 vaccinations total. Not looking forward to potential side effects like fever, headaches, achiness, etc, but glad I got it anyway.

Our friend just got diagnosed with swine flu (we have cancelled our weekend plans with them as a result) and everyone at work and on public transport seems to be coughing and sickly. I feel much better (mentally, not physically) now that I am vaccinated. (:

OH, and today I am 35 weeks pregnant. Due date 5 weeks from tomorrow. Holy crapola!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Baby shower!


We had a really good week this week, ending yesterday with a great baby shower planned by Jason (seriously - whose husband would do that besides mine??). 8 of my London friends came over to celebrate the little bundle of joy growing inside me, and I even had a few US visitors attending via webcam. (: It was so fun to play the baby games (again created by hubby) - baby food tasting and baby scattergories were my favorites - and open lots of fun presents for baby.

Thanks to all who attended and mostly to the best husband ever for planning this for me. xo

How far along?: 34 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: 29 lbs
Pregnancy symptoms: Exhausted. Back hurts. Getting more and more awkward and umcomfortable.
Sleep: Ugh. My quality of sleep has declined pretty dramatically. I am umcomfy and flipping over is a huge project and wakes everyone up (dad, mom, baby) each time it happens.
Movement: Getting a bit more forceful - sometimes takes my breath away!
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: Lots of sweets at the baby shower - yum.
Gender/ names: We've got our confirmed name choices! We've agreed they are only 99% confirmed, so if we are really inspired when we see baby we can change our minds, but I don't buy the whole when-you-see-him/her-you'll-know-the-name story.
What I miss: Deep, uninterrupted sleep. Tieing my shoes withing serious discomfort. A nice glass of wine. Salami. Smelly cheese (although I did eat a bit of Brie yesterday).
Best moment this week: My fabulous baby shower!
Weekly Wisdom: As I get farther along in this pregnancy, I need to do less and less on weekday nights due to my severely depleted stores of energy.
Milestones: By the end of this week, baby's hearing will be fully developed! We went to a loud soccer game last Saturday, watched fireworks on Thursday night (Guy Fawkes night - a British thing), and watched the big England-Australia rugby game at a pub yesterday (really, really loud fans), so baby must think Mom and Dad have the loudest lives ever. (:


Friday, November 06, 2009

Midwife appointment

I had a midwife appointment today and it went well. I had 2 midwives - one was a student midwife.

They measured me for the first time! My fundal height is 34 cm - apparently you should be measuring within 2 cms of the number of weeks you are, and as I am 34 weeks, seems perfect to me. They said I'm measuring just fine, so all the people who have been telling me how small I am can just shut up. (: My blood pressure is fine and baby's heartbeat is totally normal. Baby is behaving well and staying head down.

When asked about swelling, I showed them my shrek-like foot/ankle/ leg (the right one) and they were appropriately sympathetic. I've also had to stop wearing my wedding rings as they get really tight when I am hot. They live on a chain around my neck. But, they both complimented me and said the bump is nice and neat and my skin around looked really good. So, nasty legs, but nice bump. (:

Anyway - that's my update for now!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

T-46 days

Hi All!

A quick update for this week, then I'm going directly to bed. Mondays are brutal without a good nights sleep, and tomorrow night is Part 2 of the first aid class we took a few weeks back, so I'll leave the house at 7am and won't get home till after 11. Ouch!

How far along?: 33 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: 27 lbs
Pregnancy symptoms: Again... pretty tired all the time. My back is still bothering me a lot. I bought a microwavable heating pad thingy today, tried it out, not totally convinced it will help. But, I guess it's worth a try.
Sleep: Whatever. Fine I guess. Having a hard time sleeping on my left side, which is what everyone tells me I'm supposed to do (something to do with a key artery being on my right side, or something like that).
Movement: Lots of elbows and/ or knees. Of course baby usually gets really still when I make Jason feel my belly, but we get lucky sometimes.
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: I thought I was being normal, but then we ended up with a box of Sugar Snaps in our kitchen, and then I got really excited about Honey Nut Cherrios. So, honey cereals? Random. And the Sugar Snaps are kind of gross.
Gender/ names: No idea if I have a pink or blue bundle of joy growing inside of me.
What I miss: Back pain-free sitting (repeat from last week but definitely deserves the repeat).
Best moment this week: On Friday my replacement at work was confirmed! So as early as this week I will probably start to hand over some of my stuff. Big relief... I was starting to get nervous as baby might decide to make an early appearance (which wouldn't be so bad, as long as it's not too early! Post-37 weeks preferably. December 17 would be just perfect baby, thanks).
Weekly Wisdom: Not baby related, but instead directed at a certain Vonderhaar family friend who was visiting London this weekend: when you travel across time zones, don't forget to re-set your watches and phones. (:
Milestones: Baby could weigh 4.4 lbs!!! Nice, that's at LEAST how much weight I'll lose on the day I give birth. I know, who cares, it's not about me anymore...

Have a good week everyone!