Thursday, March 22, 2012

100 days till baby girl!

Just 100 days until our little girl arrives! I can't believe it's so close! 

It's not something I've been focused on this week because, well, it's been a tough week in our household. Owen got some kind of stomach bug and was puking all Sunday, then had an extended recovery and just today went back to school. Poor little guy - was so sad to see him so sick! Also, hubby hasn't been doing so great the past week, possibly with the same virus as Owen but manifested a bit different. Not fun for my boys. And just in case you forgot, I'm 6 months pregnant. So it was a LONG week. Luckily today it seems like everyone felt a lot better, and tomorrow is Friday so hopefully everyone can get completely better this weekend!

How far along?: 25 weeks + 5 days
Total weight gain: Last week I only (!) gained a pound, so I was pretty happy about that. 
Pregnancy symptoms: Oh my god, so tired. And some other fun things like wicked indigestion and problems sleeping due to my little bundle of pink joy kicking me every time I wake up during the night. Back pain, although not yet as bad as last time. 
Sleep: Need lots of this. As soon as possible. 
Movement: She is super active. I especially notice it when I get up at night to go to the bathroom or if Owen cries out (or if Owen pukes, but I'm hoping that doesn't happen anymore). She either then wakes up when I do or is already awake doing some kind of flippy things inside my belly. It's cute, but would be okay if she simmered down a bit in those wee hours. 
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: I had a giant frosty today from Wendy's. It was delicious. 
Gender/ names: We haven't made any name progress. Maybe we'll have another round of discussions this weekend. 
What I miss: Having a variety of clothes to choose from each morning. My options shrink every week and I really don't want to buy many new maternity clothes this late in the game. 
Best moment this week: Tough week. 
Weekly Wisdom: Not wisdom as much as decision. This time I am going to make my own baby food to try to keep baby girl loving all the fruits and vegetables. I was doing this in the UK but when we moved back to the US I was too tempted by all the Gerber baby food options. I partially blame this for why Owen had such a hard time eating textured food and therefore want to avoid the super smooth baby food as much as possible. 
Milestones: Last time I had these totally down each week. This time... I'm not even sure what fruit size she is now. 

Countdown: I am due 100 days from today, baby!!!!

Chris x

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why hello blog, it's been a while.

It has been a very long time since my last post... sorry about that! I'm back though and have much to catch the blog up on.

Owen turned 2 years old in December!! I cannot believe it. He is a crazy-active, happy, excitable, enthusiastic, high maintenance, wonderful and more than a little defiant toddler. And he's growing like crazy... I look at him and can't imagine when he was a tiny little baby just 2 years ago. He is talking so much and it's so much fun to hear what comes out of his mouth every day (except when it's bad words he's repeating from Mom and Dad). My favorites now are: "Mommy, what color is this?", "Mmmmm that's good!" (after a bite of basically any food), "How about...." and then he picks any number of things from the bookshelf/ toybox/ basket/ etc. He also has recently shared his talent of singing the entire ABCs. Of course, sometimes he skips some letters and goes right to the "now I know my ABCs" part, but he's pretty good at it overall. Another new talent - jumping. Of course he enjoys jumping in his crib, usually on the weekends when he's refusing to nap for me. Sigh. 

Here are some of Owen's 2 year pictures - from December! I know, terrible. I have been AWFUL about taking pictures since his birthday & Christmas.... I will make sure I do better over the next few months. 

In other big news - I am pregnant! And have been so for a while. 24 weeks. Oops - last time I blogged every week, which is turning out to be useful for me now as I refer back to what was going on during that time period. So I am going to * try * very hard to start that again, if only so that my second child does not feel like I neglected her during pregnancy. Did I say her? Yes - WE ARE HAVING A DAUGHTER!!!! We had a scan a few weeks back and 1) baby was perfectly healthy, which of course is the most important thing, and 2) we got to find out that we are having a sweet little girl. We are so excited!!!!!!

How far along?: 24 weeks + 1 day. I have not taken 1 belly shot this pregnancy. I will do so, soon. Promise. Whether or not I share it is another story...
Total weight gain: Kind of a lot. Luckily, I don't really know for sure how far ahead of last time I am since at 24 weeks during my Owen pregnancy I refused to admit what my gain was. I have a feeling I'm around the same or a little more. Sigh. The worst is know how hard it was to lose last time.... there's no thinking 'it'll all just come off during breastfeeding' which is the lie I told myself. To be fair - this happens to some people like my super-skinny sisters-in-law. Lucky girls! :) 
Pregnancy symptoms: Overall, okay. I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions many weeks ago... doctor says this is not abnormal, especially for a second pregnancy. Other than that, I am slow and tired. It's a bit harder this time since after work I don't get to chill out, but instead chase my adorable toddler.  
Sleep: Eh, okay, thanks to my pregnancy pillow. The bad nights are usually due to Owen coughing or making noise over the monitor. 
Movement: Lots and lots and lots! I started feeling her ridiculously early. With Owen I only felt him at like 22 weeks or something. I felt this little girl over CHRISTMAS, when I was around 14 weeks. She does not want to be ignored! 
Food cravings/ weird crap I'm eating: Um... I don't think I'm eating anything weird. Just more. 
Gender/ names: Well, it's a girl! It's a lot of fun knowing what is growing and kicking inside of me. Jason and I had our first name conversation this weekend and got our list down to 15 (!). 
What I miss: A nice glass of wine. 
Best moment this week: Hearing Owen say 'baby sister' after he kissed my belly. Cuteness!
Weekly Wisdom: It's a lot harder being pregnant with a toddler. Kind of a duh statement... but worth mentioning. 
Milestones: If I remember right, we are 1 or 2 weeks away from when baby could potentially survive outside of my belly. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but it's a comforting thing to know. 

Countdown: 3 months from Thursday is my last day of work before maternity leave! Holy crap!

I will do my best to make this a weekly thing.... although I'm not swearing on anything!

Chris x